Super SHC synthetic hydrocarbon heavy duty industrial gear oil

Super SHC synthetic hydrocarbon heavy duty industrial gear oil

Product description


Super (Shubo) SHC synthetic hydrocarbon heavy-duty industrial gear oil is a heavy-duty industrial gear oil and bearing circulating oil refined from synthetic hydrocarbon base oil and new environmentally friendly additives.

is designed for sealed gear units operating under extreme temperatures and heavy loads and bearing lubrication under harsh conditions.

The latest high-end technology used in this product is suitable for a wide range of equipment users.

In addition to its excellent performance in solving high-temperature lubrication problems,    products have now been widely used in many industrial fields and implement the SH/T 0467-2010 standard.

Main performance

1. It has high oil film strength and good adhesion characteristics, ensuring that a continuous lubricating film is formed on the surface of gears and bearings, and avoiding contact and wear between metal and metal surfaces under actual working conditions.

2. It can be used under extreme high and low temperature conditions far beyond the capacity of mineral oil, and shows its excellent low temperature performance including low temperature startability.

3. Excellent high temperature thermal oxidation stability, no residual carbon is formed at high temperature, reducing sludge and precipitation, reducing energy consumption and prolonging the service life of the system. Excellent heat and oxidation resistance at high temperatures, greatly improving the equipment's ability to operate at high temperatures.

4. In extremely heavy-loaded gears and bearings subjected to high shear forces, they can still withstand the action of mechanical shearing force, and the viscosity is almost not reduced.

5. The traction coefficient is low, and the irregular surface of the load area, such as gears or rolling contact bearings, has low fluid friction. The working temperature is also lower, which improves the efficiency of the gear and reduces energy consumption. The life of the parts is extended, and the equipment can continue to operate under the most economical conditions.

6. Very low evaporation loss, low oil consumption and long service life. The oil change period is several times longer than that of ordinary mineral oil, reducing the number of oil changes and expenses, which can effectively reduce the use cost of lubricants and reduce the treatment of lubricants cost

7. It has excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion functions, excellent anti-wear, demulsification, foam control and air release, and can be compatible with a variety of metals without acting.

8. It is compatible with oil seals usually lubricated with mineral oil and other structural materials used in equipment.

9. Good oxidation stability, so that the gear is well protected and lubricated.

10. The viscosity index is high, and the viscosity of the oil changes smoothly with the change of temperature. The viscosity and oil film thickness can be maintained at high temperatures, and the operating temperature range is extremely wide.


It is suitable for gears or bearings with cyclic or immersed lubrication, steel-steel, steel-copper friction pairs, and closed gears operating within the range of -30℃ to 120℃.

All kinds of high-temperature or low-temperature equipment containing gears and bearings. The operating temperature or oil temperature will shorten the service life of traditional lubricants and applications that need to improve performance, especially the steel with tooth surface contact stress greater than 1100N/mm2 in the metallurgy industry -Lubrication of steel matched closed cylindrical gears, helical gears and herringbone gear transmissions. Such as: hot rolling mill gearboxes, section steel rolling mills with Ø650mm or more, high-speed wire track mills, main drives and main auxiliary machines for plate rolling mills with Ø650mm or more, bar rolling mill gearboxes, electric furnaces of 50t and above, large converters, cranes above 75t , Large and small car transmission system, heavy die forging machine;

Heavy load or shock load requires full extreme pressure performance industrial gear transmission;

Permanently sealed gearboxes, especially transmissions with high gear ratios and low efficiency;

In remote areas, gearboxes with difficult oil changes; low-temperature applications such as ski lifts can avoid seasonal oil changes;

Rolling bearings and sliding bearings operating in high temperature environments;

centrifuges under severe operating conditions, including marine centrifuges;

Heavy-duty crushing, screening, mining, and beneficiation equipment for mining systems.

Main Specifications


Quality Index







Kinematic viscosity 40℃mm2/s







Flash point (opening), ℃







Pour point, ℃







Liquid phase corrosion A method, B method


Four ball test PD, N


(The typical data here is an average value, for reference only, the specific value may vary due to each test condition or customer requirements)

Packing specification

This product is packed in 18L plastic drum and 170kg iron drum.

Precautions for use

Oil selection or oil change is performed according to the equipment oil selection and oil change reference index.

Avoid mixing of moisture or impurities during storage and transportation.

When using, the container and refueling tools must be clean to prevent the oil from being contaminated.

Health, safety and environmental protection

1. Information on health, safety and environmental protection is provided in the "Material Safety Data Sheet" (MSDS) of Zite series products, which includes reminders of potential hazards, appropriate disaster prevention and emergency rescue measures, and environmental factors and waste Processing etc.

2. It should be noted that used lubricants contain potentially harmful contaminants, and prolonged or repeated skin contact with any type and form of used oil must be avoided.

3. If the user does not follow the use specifications or precautions, or even not in the specified use, Zite shares will not bear any responsibility. If the user wants to use the product for other purposes that are not recommended, please contact the local agent, distributor or company or marketing engineer of Zite in advance, and we will give you appropriate advice as soon as possible.

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